MBT Conference 2022


After two years of lockdown, MBT conference was held on 26th May 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the ETV Avala tower and online.


MBT 2022 conference programme

Main topics of the conference:

  • Broadcast infrastructure – energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, automatization, alternative energy sources, DTT= GREEN BROADCASTING

  • Broadcast spectrum – protection of UHF spectrum for broadcasting and culture

  • 5G Broadcast – new opportunities for broadcasters and network operators

Welcome speech

10.00 h – 10.15 h


10.15 h – 11.45 h

Keynote presentation 1

LoCat Project – Energy and carbon impacts of the delivery of TV content across different platforms in Europe – Vincent Grivet

10.15 h – 10.35 h

Energy saving in existing DTT network of Antenna Hungária – Zsolt Árki

10.35 h – 10.50 h

Overview of energy saving activity and new projects – RTV SLO – Bojan Ramšak

10.50 h – 11.05 h

Automatization of transmitting stations – Roaming Networks

11.05 h – 11.25 h

5G Broadcast/Multicast – Redefining the future of content distribution – 5G BC/MC Trial Vienna

– Rohde&Schwarz – Franz Egerer

11.25 h – 11.45 h


11.45 h – 12.15 h


12.15 h – 13.40 h

Keynote presentation 2

Alliance for Broadcasting and Cultural Frequencies – united to preserve the

UHF spectrum – Michael Mosko

12.15 h – 12.35 h

The road to energy sustainable business – OIV – Luka Crnogorac

12.35 h – 12.50 h

AI Driven operations – Ibis Solutions

12.50 h – 13.10 h

Future trends versus present challenges – RDC – Leonardo Đokić

13.10 h – 13.25 h

Improving of energy efficiency – JP ETV – Slađan Stanković

13.25 h – 13.40 h


14.00 h – 16.00 h 

All MBT Conferences

MBT Conference is an annual regional gathering of broadcasting organizations and manufacturers of broadcasting equipment and is also an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts and exchange views and experiences.

The specificity and special charm of MBT conferences are social events organized during the conference that usually lasts two to three days. This includes visits to transmitting locations and the sights, museums, and tourist attractions of individual countries.

Through these informal gatherings of broadcasting professionals, information and business experiences are exchanged, long-term friendships are formed, all of which can be exceptionally useful in the work and development of each individual.

May 26, 2022

MBT Conference 2022

The conference will be streamed live online.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Broadcast infrastructure – energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, automatization, alternative energy sources, DTT= GREEN BROADCASTING,
  • Broadcast spectrum – protection of UHF spectrum for broadcasting and culture,
  • 5G Broadcast – new opportunities for broadcasters and network operators.
May 26, 2022

Annual international MBT Conferences

The establishment of the MBT Association is a step further, as its main objective is to provide full support to the host in the organization of each new conference. Also, the organizers will be defined at regular sessions of the Assembly at least two years in advance.

Activities on the realization of objectives include creating a database of participants and sponsors of the conference in accordance with the law, which will be available to the organizer, and a manual with useful information about the organization, the necessary preliminary work, budget, and the like.