MBT Association was founded on 24th November 2020, and it was registered in Zagreb, Croatia. The founders are broadcasting network operators Antenna Hungaria Zrt from Hungary, JP Emisiona tehnika i veze from Serbia, Radio-difuzni centar d.o.o. from Montenegro, and OIV from Croatia. In 2022, RTV Slovenija joined the association as a full member.

Antenna Hungária proved itself in another world competition

Antenna Hungaria Zrt

Antenna Hungária has been the key player in the Hungarian telecommunication market for decades. Its main activities are national terrestrial television and radio broadcasting, as well as wireless business telecommunication. As one of the most successful Hungarian-owned IT company, AH has been able to grow continuously in recent years.

The company expanded its business portfolio with audio-visual technology and outside broadcast and entered the rapidly growing OTT (Over-the-Top) and IoT (Internet of Things) industries by building its own network and creating new services and solutions.

JP Emisiona tehnika i veze

JP Emisiona tehnika i veze (Broadcast Multiplex and Network Operator) has more than 260 broadcasting or transmitting sites.

The most important task of JP ETV is to provide conditions of unhampered broadcasting infrastructure functioning that serves to broadcast radio and television program, to regularly maintain and develop facilities of the infrastructure broadcasting and system of links, and at the same time to improve their technical-technological integration into a unique system, as well as to contribute to the coordination of Republic Serbia broadcasting system with the broadcasting and link systems of the neighbouring countries.

OIV Digital Signals and Networks

OIV – Odašiljači i veze d.o.o. (Transmitters and Communications Ltd.) is the primary provider of national strategic communications infrastructure that offers clients reliable digital networks and platforms for the transmission and transfer of digital signals, distribution of content and fibre-optic network for mission-critical services. OIV is a modern digital company on the forefront of developing new and innovative products that are offered on a secure and reliable infrastructure that facilitates the digital transformation of everyday life and business.

Besides terrestrial broadcast of digital television and radio signals throughout the territory of Croatia, OIV provides satellite and multimedia services, OTT services, internet backbone service, content delivery platforms, IoT LoRaWan solutions, as well as emergency networks and professional safety services.

Radio-difuzni centar d.o.o.

Radio-difuzni centar (RDC) performs the activity of providing services in the field of radio-communications and telecommunications, providing services of transmission and broadcasting of radio and television programs, transmission of images, sound and data, collocation, and other modern multimedia services.

The Broadcasting Center provides access to electronic communications networks and various electronic communications services. RDC enables transmission and broadcasting of national television and radio and most regional and local television and radio programs in Montenegro, leases infrastructure capacity to communication operators, broadcasters, and other users in Montenegro, as well as interconnection services to all categories of users via radio relay distribution systems.

RTV Slovenija

RTV Slovenija is the national public service broadcaster in the Republic of Slovenia. It is a non-profit organization of special cultural and national importance, performing its activities in the field of radio and television in accordance with the RTV Slovenija Public Act. It produces programs for two national TV channels, two regional TV channels with content also for the Italian and Hungarian national communities, three national radio channel, two regional radio channel, radio channel for foreign citizens and radio channels for the Italian and Hungarian national communities in Slovenia.

The department for Transmission and Links is part of RTV Slovenija and is responsible for distribution of all content. They are operating 2 nationwide DVB-T networks, 3 T-DAB networks and multiple FM and AM transmitters on more than 190 broadcasting and transmitting sites.

Become a member

Any legal person whose core business or interests lies in the area of broadcasting, provided that it accepts the provisions of the Articles of Association and actively contributes or may contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Association, shall be eligible for full membership of the Association.

Any natural and legal person that accepts the provisions of the Articles of Association and wishes to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Association, financially or otherwise, shall be eligible for supporting membership.