About Us

MBT Association is an international non-profit association whose main objective is to support the organization of the annual international MBT Conference as the leading international expert conference in the field of broadcasting in Central and Southeast Europe.

Promoting, fostering, and strengthening of the broadcasting

MBT Association will work on promoting, fostering, and strengthening of the broadcasting, which is the members’ core business, through presenting new technologies, devices, and equipment in the field of radio communications and telecommunications as well as exchanging knowledge and skills among members, organizing and co-organizing other international professional conferences (symposia, workshops, lectures) in Europe, in cooperation with similar organizations and institutions.

MBT Conference

MBT Conference is an annual regional gathering of broadcasting organizations and manufacturers of broadcasting equipment and is also an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts and exchange views and experiences.

When our colleagues from North Macedonia organized the first conference in 2003, few people could have imagined that the gathering would become a regular event and would note constant growth in both the number of countries represented and the topics represented. From year to year, the conference records an increasing attendance covering new and interesting topics, following trends, development and the latest achievements of broadcasting technology.

Lectures and conference panels are attended by experts from broadcast network operators in the region and beyond, representatives of transmitting equipment manufacturers, representatives of regulatory agencies, radio and TV broadcasters and eminent experts from various professional organizations such as ITU, EBU, BNE, DVB, WorldDAB, etc. contributing to transfer and exchange knowledge and experiences with other participants.

MBT Association

MBT Association was founded on 24th November 2020, and it was registered in Zagreb, Croatia. The founders are broadcasting network operators Antenna Hungaria Zrt from Hungary; JP Emisiona tehnika i veze from Serbia; Radio-difuzni centar d.o.o. from Montenegro and OIV, Croatia. In 2022, RTV Slovenija joined the association as a full member.

Any legal person whose core business or interests lie in the area of broadcasting, provided that it accepts the provisions of the Articles of Association and actively contributes or may contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Association, shall be eligible for full membership of the Association.

Any natural and legal person that accepts the provisions of the Articles of Association and wishes to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Association financially or otherwise shall be eligible for supporting membership.


The specificity and special charm of MBT conferences are social events organized during the conference that usually lasts two to three days. This includes visits to transmitting locations and the sights, museums, and tourist attractions of individual countries.

Through these informal gatherings of broadcasting professionals, information and business experiences are exchanged, long-term friendships are formed, all of which can be exceptionally useful in the work and development of each individual.
Who will be the next host and organizer was usually agreed during the conference and the ceremonial presentation of the conference trophy at the end of the conference.

The establishment of the MBT Association is a step further, as its main objective is to provide full support to the host in the organization of each new conference. Also, the organizers will be defined at regular sessions of the Assembly at least two years in advance. Activities on the realization of objectives include creating a database of participants and sponsors of the conference in accordance with the law, which will be available to the organizer, and a manual with useful information about the organization, the necessary preliminary work, budget, and the like.